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How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

Honest Answers From A Florida Divorce Attorney

It is impossible to advise anyone in advance what their total legal fees will be. Every couple has different factors to work with, from martial property to their goals for the divorce. Many factors affect the level of costs incurred in any family law matter.

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Straightforward Advice About The Cost of A Divorce

Some of the major factors that contribute to the cost of a divorce case include:

  • The time and labor required to resolve the situation.
  • The novelty and complexity of the matter. Naturally, a case involving children, significant real estate, alimony and large assets, will take more time and be more expensive than a situation in which a client has no assets or real estate, no children, and has been married a relatively short time.
  • The skill needed to perform required legal services. Again, in situations in which there are large and complex assets, a closely-held business for example, more time and expertise is required to settle the matter, or to try the case in court.

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